Rachel Kerry


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I teach:

  1. Beginners to advanced

  2. Classical, Jazz, Rock and Pop

  3. Pupils prepare for music festivals/ concerts/ exams                 

  4. Special interest in jazz, which includes teaching improvisation from  scratch; pupils can learn to play with other instruments in small bands as well as solo performance

Lessons are charged at £28 for 45 minutes and can be booked online by clicking on the link below.


Rachel has over 15 years experience of teaching the piano to individuals.  Teaching privately at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford-on-Avon.  Rachel also teach in schools: Badminton School,  Melksham Oak Community School, Monkton Combe School and Sabis International School.

About my teaching

Welcome        About me       About my teaching        Jazz Workshops       About my playing     Contact me